Samsung Champ Deluxe DUOS User Guide/Manual and Review

Senin, 23 Juli 2012

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Samsung has released new Champ Deluxe DUOS phone in Indian from its Champ sequence. A mix of design and design with a large display,instant texting and internet services. With Double Sim, you get more protection and can always keep in touch. It is costing Rs.4250.

At first look it seems just like your having the old Champ Duos but give it a nearer look and you'll realize this one has a 0.2-inches bigger display (2.8 inches) and different important factors structure at underneath. The cellphone seems light heavy at 88g ; although built entirely out of plastic material, the returning of the cellphone looks applied metal with all those lines.

The back camera is located at top middle with the speakers relaxing on the remaining as others who live nearby. That's all at the returning. The 3.5mm earphone port is remaining open on the top and so is the USB 2.0 port at base.The amount important factors and discover option lie on remaining and right side of the body respectively. On the front, at the top can be found Samsung's ChatON company brand name and at underneath of the display are the three click-able control buttons (Dial & Power) with the middle big option performing for returning control and when on desltop it functions as change option between the two SIM cards.

Download free pdf manual from here: Samsung Champ Deluxe DUOS Manual